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Isiiad (I saw it in a dream) is an arts and design blog. It is centred in Warrandyte and the surrounding Yarra Valley but will go where ever my creative spirit takes me… so Warrandyte to the world. Creator and blog owner is Jeannette Davison.

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I'm back!

Well dear reader...I'm back.  Back amongst my trees and birds in Warrandyte.  What a welcome they have given me.  The minute I arrived home- my kookas set up a reassuring laugh.  The trees are dripping in lush green moist growth and the window conversion at Isiiad (completed while I was away) now affords me an uninterrupted view of my heavenly place.


New York with it's excitement and blizzards is still with me...I have a list of blogs as long as my arm to chirn out from that extraordinary city.  So over the next couple of weeks I intend to work through the backlog of photos and notes to complete the experience and bring you every ounce of what New York offered me.

In addition, I intend to introduce you to a guest photographer with a little project that has been on the back burner for some years now.  I'm going to keep you guessing on that one.  I also made some contacts with young Melbourne designers while in New York who have agreed to participate in a blog spot on isiiad.  The energy and creativilty of young people is fresh and inspiring, so full of rich possibility. So sit back and enjoy the ride with me...

By the way, if you are keeping an eye on The Sartorialist you will see that he has posted a documentary about his blog.  If you haven't seen it I recommend it to you...not surprisingly he looks worthy of a photo himself- handsome and impeccably dressed man that he is.  

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"Wreath Interpretations"


Barbara Wallace. Paper, acrylic paint, wire and cardboard.


Here's a little New York Christmas greeting to all of my faithful readers. I couldn't think of a better way to say Merry Christmas than with this exhibition of Wreath Interpretations.

No surprises that New York is famous for it's Christmas decorations.  New Yorkers are great fans of the fairy light. Deciduous trees provide the perfect framework for a Christmas fairy light display. Streets everywhere are lined with this Christmas reminder.  Wreaths are another perennial favourite. Many homes and shops add Christmas touches to windows and doors with variations on the wreath theme.

For over twenty years The Arsenal, at the edge of Central Park on Fifth Avenue, has hosted an exhibition of wreaths over the Christmas period.  This year, there's a bit of everything. Traditional wreaths, weird and wacky wreaths and just plain unbelievable wreaths. In fact one of the wreaths was so unbelievable that I defiantly decided not to photograph it.  I regret that decision now...as that was the photo to get...cause who would believe it??? Unfortunately, due to this little blog photographers silly hissy fit, you will have to rely on my word picture to have any idea of what it looked like.   I'll be brief.  A taxidermist's 2 meter crocodile (I cant be absolutely sure that it was a crocodile because my little hissy fit extended to refusing to record the name of the artist or the "materials" it was made from) wound into a circle and tied together with two big red ribbons.

See... I said no one would believe it.  That's New York Honey.


Here's a selection of wreaths from the exhibition;


Randalls Island Sports Foundation.  Assorted flora.



Deborah Zingale.  Natural Goose quills, fabric, leaves, wood, resin.



Edward Gormley.  Plexiglass, plywood, umbrellas.


John Clarke.  Birch, crab apple branches, moss, stones mounted on roofing nails.


Abigail Malate.  Iauan plywood, inks.


John Saunders. 


Vilde Kleppe Braanaas.  Wire, paper mache, paint, squash seeds.


Larry Hagberg.  Steel.



Jennifer Cecere.  Rip stop nylon and acrylic.




                                                             MERRY CHRISTMAS!




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This little shop at the top end of Greenwich Street (just down from the Chelsea Market) took my eye on my first day in New York.  They have managed to create a delightfully simple Christmas feel while showing off their wares to perfection. Outstanding Christmas merchandising.



Vitra have been designing  and producing furniture since 1950 from their base in Switzerland. Their ethos is to make beautiful, durable furniture with ecologically sustainable materials.  Influences include Charles and Ray Eames.  Their furniture and homewares are available all over the world.  If you want to see  some of their furniture 'in the flesh'..."Space" in Richmond, Melbourne stock a selection of their wares.

You can see the simplicity and beauty of their designs from this small array of photos.  The quality of finish on their furniture and homewares is outstanding.  Perfect stitching on leather and finish on wood.







I've got a bit of a penchant for elephants.  This one would make a great seat in a child's room.



A little bit of New York goss... the day I took these photos there had been a murder at the hotel next door to this shop.  TV camera men and reporters were all over the street around Vitra.  The rooftop garden at the top of the hotel has been used for filming in "Sex and the City". The TV news was full of the murder for several days. A stark reminder that I am temporarily living in the country that has the dubious honor of the highest murder rate  per capita, per year in the world. Ugh.


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