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Isiiad (I saw it in a dream) is an arts and design blog. It is centred in Warrandyte and the surrounding Yarra Valley but will go where ever my creative spirit takes me… so Warrandyte to the world. Creator and blog owner is Jeannette Davison.

Jenny Reddin at BSG


You already know I'm a fan of the paint pourings of Jenny Reddin.  This latest exhibition shows that her work has moved into the realm of abstraction. They're large canvases, well suited to the airy upstairs space at the Brunswick Street Gallery... or if you're lucky, the big white wall of your living room.   They're perfectly curated, with plenty of space around each canvas for the images to speak out boldly.  


Left to right, Jenny, her daughter Sashi and her step son Tully.

I loved what Jenny said about her work,

 "If I have to label myself, I would say I am a contemporary artist.  I paint, but I don’t paint in a conventional way. I dissolve pigments in various solvents and then pour them onto surfaces that have been prepared to create texture, not for the sake of the texture itself but because it lends me highs and lows, brights and darks and changes in surface which I find endlessly interesting.  

Sam Leach states that his work draws on imagery, technique and structure of paintings which were made during the 17th century and beyond.  Tim Macguire takes sections out of Dutch masters paintings and explodes them into cinematic scale.  My work borrows elements from historical paintings and magnifies them 100 fold to lend me the crevices and crannies that could hold entire civilisations.  
I am interested in the alchemy of painting.  When I pour my dissolved pigments each has a different specific gravity and falls out of solution at different rates.  Those that are heavier fall out quickly to form the base layer whilst those that stay in solution longer damage the base and leave tracks and traces that are reminiscent of marks achieved in etchings or the cracks of age in an ancient oil painting. My process is about creating beautiful surfaces that could exist somewhere in an old world masterpiece, and then damaging them to reveal layers underneath.  I am looking for marks that can’t be made using paint brush and traditional methods."  
Artist's Statement for "Naturally Occurring" Brunswick Street Gallery, February 17th - March 1st.




I'm currently obssessed with fractals and wonder if fractals are present in these images.  Perhaps the title of the exhibition, "Naturally Occurring" is a clue.  The apparently random, chaotic work of Jackson Pollock has been connected to the idea of fractals and I wonder if Jenny's work (her pouring technique differs markedly from the dripping technique of Pollock) could be similarly related?  I'd be particularly interested to hear from any scientists out there who might like to test my theory?









If you're in Brunswick Street, before 1st March, pop in to see this work for yourself.  The Brunswick Street Gallery is at 322 Brunswick Street, Brunswick, Victoria.  

Jenny is a participant in the Yarra Valley Open Studios Program.

All work in this post is Jenny Reddin©


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Real Nowhere Land


The art of Cresside Collette, Marieke Dench, Ann Ferguson and Greg Wood is showcased at the Manningham Gallery until March 3rd. in an exhibition titled "Real Nowhere Land".  Each of the four Melbourne artists have explored the land through their chosen medium of either tapestry, printmaking, ceramics or painting.


The ceramic work of Ann Ferguson and the tapestries of Cresside Collette are featured here.  In the case of Ann Ferguson's body of work, the artist herself has this to say, "This work is inspired by my experience of moving from a country town that was my home for 25 years, to an urban environment. Close human proximity and crowded living spaces are the dominant themes."

Ann has some significant awards under her belt, notably, in 2009 she won the Ceramics Victoria 40th Anniversary Aquisitive Award. 


Cresside Collette was a foundation weaver at The Victorian Tapestry Workshop (now the Australian Tapestry Workshop) between 1976 and 1990, so she's pretty adept at finding her way around a loom. In this body of work she looks back at her Sri Lankan heritage in wide woven landscapes.  The tapestries are an interpretation of her own artwork.  Check out her website for more information about her work.



The big news at the Manningham Gallery is that their new gallery space is due to open later this year. I'll let you know the minute the new gallery is up and running. 

My thanks to curator Megan McEvoy for her assistance with this post.

Ceramics in this post are Ann Ferguson©.  Woven Tapestry is Cresside Collette©.

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Montsalvat and Amanda Ruck
 Amanda Ruck©  Jason Smith, acrylic on canvas  (2011 entry for the Archibald Prize.)

The Yarra Valley and the Nillumbik regions come together in this post.  Yarra Valley artist Amanda Ruck is a couple of weeks into her month long residency at Montsalvat.  She has taken to it like a duck to water.  Judging by the number of longer term Montsalvat 'residents' who popped in for a chat while I was in her studio,  Montsalvat is enjoying having her there.

She's on a mission to complete one 30cm.x 30cm. canvas everyday.  The weather is her focus. Montsalvat's buildings have spawned some dream like structures within some of the works.  She plans to exhibit the works all together, like a quilt, at the completion of her residency.  Works will be available for purchase individually or as a complete set. Here's a selection of the work so far.

Once again Montsalvat has offered some lovely little photographer's delights. Peacock feathers, an old recycled air vent and rusted metal (reminding me of Matcham Skipper) all found within Amanda's temporary home.
Follow the link if you're interested in applying for a residency at Montsalvat.
You can purchase Amanda's work online via her website.
Amanda is a participant in the Yarra Valley Open Studios Program.
All work in this post is Amanda Ruck©

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