One of Montsalvat’s new artists, Timothy Clarkson, has already delighted many Isiiad readers with his fusion of ceramics, origami and well chosen newspaper headlines. Here’s another artist who moved into  a studio space at Montsalvat late last year.  

Anthony Williams paints in oils.  He was a student of David Moore for many years, so is no stranger to Montsalvat. Other artists who have influenced his work include Jenny Saville, Lucien Freud, Willem de Kooning and Finnish painter Jarmo Makila.



No, he’s not into abstraction! The three photos above were taken of Anthony’s palette. I couldn’t help myself, I just had to include them.


In his many years of painting, Anthony has maintained a love of working with the figure, both male and female.  He endeavours to imbue his figures with a quiet contemplative quality. The influence of Lucien Freud is evident in the image above.


There’s always an extra quality when artists paint their loved ones. None more so than in this portrait of Anthony’s much loved daughter.


Anthony is working toward an exhibition of still life paintings at the Light Factory Gallery in early 2012.



His work space is part of Matcham Skipper’s old studio.  Just like Matcham himself, it’s rich in character. Of Montsalvat Anthony says, “It’s so inspiring just to be here.”

New artists are breathing life and energy into the gorgeous old Montsalvat.  This morning I visited Jeanette Dyke who has taken up residence in a studio at Montsalvat near the swimming pool, so stay tuned for some lovely pics of her new space on Isiiad soon.

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