Silvi_Glattauer_Baldessin_Press_sHere’s another little taster from the Baldessin Studio at St Andrews just north of Melbourne.  These photos came across my email today.  They were taken yesterday during the early morning fog…aah, a Venice Day.  The photographer, Silvi Glattauer is one of four artists who manages the Baldessin Studio as an Incorporated Association. She is a professional photographer and printmaker.  She also teaches printmaking at the Baldessin Studios. Check out her website to see more of her work.
Also, check out the Baldessin Studios website for information about workshops and their artist’s retreat accommodation.  More photos and info about this great centre of artistic activity on Isiiad soon.

Sculpture of “Chairs”  by Lloyd Godman.
Sculpture by co-founder of Baldessin Press,  George Baldessin.

Sincere thanks once again to Silvi for allowing me to publish these stunning photos.