Big, gutsy, unforgettable work!  Pictures don’t adequately show the scale and the impact of Barbara Hauser’s work. Their size represents something of Barbara’s passion for people. She loves their stories, their imperfections, their raw gutsy character. The colour of humanity is right out there, proud and strong. The works are physically large, painted on printed fabric…the print in parts evident in the paintings.

Barbara is originally from Germany but has lived and worked all over the world. For now Melbourne is her resting place. But plans are in place for a trip back to Germany for our winter.  She’ll be back in Australia next year to paint the St Kilda colour.  She has made contact with the Street Workers.  Hold on to your hats for that one!





Barbara  renders flesh with such luminosity.  Rubens is her teacher.  She studied his paintings until she could achieve the luminosity apparent in his luscious women. Fabric paint from Germany adds to the effect


Being a gypsy painter, she is used to creating a studio where ever she finds herself in the world.  She asked me if I’d like her to ‘build’ her studio for me.  Within five minutes, she had transformed the courtyard of her garden into a studio, under a brolly with cushions to protect her knees from the hard bricks.  Her paintings are all done flat on the ground in this way.

This garden is a gorgeous oasis in Brunswick. It reminds her of another of her ‘homes’ in Thailand.







While in Melbourne, Barbara has been attending life drawing sessions at Dunmoochin. She immediately fitted in to the artistic community there and was offered an exhibition space in the long gallery to show her work.  On 21st May at 3pm-9pm and 22nd May 3pm-5pm she will be in attendance at Dunmoochin to welcome people to her exhibition, “London Carnival”.

Dunmoochin is at 105 Barreenong Rd. Cottles Bridge.  Melways reference, 263 C1.


Barbara’s website gives a good idea of other exhibitions she’s had around the world.