Every cloud has a silver lining.  Two days of trying to hook up to the www to post my blogs have led to me making a temporary ‘office’ in the courtyard at The Meeting Pool (Montsalvat) where my new dongle gets some coverage. Seriously though, a dongle, who names these things? He or she is probably having a lot of fun imagining someone technically challenged like myself going to the Telstra shop to explain the trouble with my dongle. Miraculously, I managed to keep a straight face for the whole consultation and went away confident that at last I had sorted out my connection difficulties.  Alas within two minutes of arriving back at Birrarung, it was clear that there’s no coverage, hence the move to Montsalvat. So here’s the blog I would have posted yesterday, if I’d been a more savvy user of the dongle.

Birrarung Day 2.


I couldn’t wait yesterday morning to wander around to the Banana House, designed by Alistair Knox, that sits just over the little hill above the ponds at Birrarung. It’s so named due to the buildings big curved shape. The original façade curves backwards and has a big circular entry at its middle.


The curve of mudbrick is punctuated by long vertical windows featuring unique metal work.


The inner curve of the big banana is all windows and nearly-black timber frames. It’s apparently now full of termites and falling down by the minute, so sadly surrounded by an enormous cyclone fence. The only way to get any pics was by poking my cameral lense through the wire. I feel the tragedy of its decaying hull but understand that many have tried in vain to save it and that the current thinking is to allow it to gracefully reunite with the earth, as all things eventually must. 


In the afternoon, I was desperate to paint….anything….just to get some colour from brushes onto a surface, in this case hessian…it seems appropriate, given the rustic nature of my surroundings. The huge studio space invites work and it’s such a novelty for me to be able to leave everything set up and wander in and out at will adding a little bit more here and there or just contemplating my next ‘move’. (The first thing I did this morning was tip toe, bare foot, into the studio to make sure it was all still there and to reunite with yesterday’s efforts….what a joy!)

This morning I did my ‘morning pages’. I haven’t done that for many years and oh how illuminating and freeing that experience is. I came across the idea through the work of Julia Cameron. She describes them in her must have book “The Artist’s Way”. For anyone interested in opening up their creative spirit, this is a book for you! She suggests that first thing in the morning, you take 3 sheets of paper and simply fill the pages with stream of consciousness writing. No need for punctuation, paragraphs or editing. Just write what ever comes to mind, changing direction as new ideas arise.

Morning pages have done their work. Now I’m determined to explore the idea of a pictorial representation of the Birrarung soundscape for my painting/weaving on hessian….watch this space.

In between all of that, I’ve been seeing photo opportunities everywhere in the house and garden. Here are just a few…