Photograph courtesy of Kerry Cross ©

Yesterday… picture this. Balmy spring day in the bush. Birdsong. A table laden with an enormous wedge of Prima Donna and a half-wheel of brie, some dried figs, local wines and most importantly drawing materials, on laps and easels, being put to good use, creating likenesses of a magnificent life drawing model, draped across rocks in the dappled afternoon sunshine.  All heaven on earth. 

I heard someone say “This is the best way to spend Sunday afternoon.” I heard someone else say “I’m so relaxed.” To myself I was saying…”Dream come true.”  Poursuis tes reves.


Last night I was tired, feeling a bit flat. Too much excitement for one day. I’ve been anticipating that life drawing experience in my new temporary home for so long. Isn’t it always the way when you see something you’ve wanted to do for a long time come to an end, there’s a degree of sadness. My time here is so short.

I wake early with the sun out here. I’m loving that. So this morning I’ve managed morning pages and meditation. I’ve moved my self-portrait-with-soundscape a few steps closer to completion. I’ve discovered that you can glue rice paper to hessian with rice glue. I’ve also been sitting in my new temporary garden, listening to the birds and other sounds and attempting to represent them with marks. I know there’s a kangaroo not far away. I can hear him feeding. I so hope I meet him before I go home.