While this work was created in May 2007 at Montsalvat, it’s worth revisiting in the light of the Red Chair event at Montsalvat this week.  The artist, Lloyd Godman was the speaker for that event. This work is so so beautiful that I thought I’d show it off for another time. If you didn’t catch it back in 2007 I hope you enjoy it now. If you were lucky enough to see it first hand, I feel pretty confident that you won’t mind revisiting it.

If you’ve read my post about Red Chair earlier this week, you’ll know that Lloyd is an ecological artist. His interest in the environment and horticulture is equalled by his interest in photography and photosynthesis. What better place therefore, than the Montsalvat greenhouse, for him to create this installation- “Carbon Obscura”.


The process of creating this work was extremely time consuming.  With a little help, Lloyd glued many layers of carbon paper onto insulation backing.


He formed a landscape onto the carbon paper created by punching holes with a nail. He says,

“…it’s like making thousands of tiny pinhole cameras.”


The carbon paper landscape was placed around the interior of the greenhouse.

With the aid of a fog generator and back lighting, (programed to come on when someone entered the greenhouse), the landscape came to life. The resulting experience must have been pure magic.

Viewers enjoying the work.



I can’t get enough of this work…..



Thankyou once again to Lloyd for allowing me to use these photos.

For a more comprehensive description of this work and others from this exciting artist go to his website.