Long-Leaf Box  Nerina Lascelles©  (Winner of 2011 Nillumbik Prize Peoples Choice Award)

Late last night an email came through letting me know that Nerina Lascelles won the People’s Choice Award for the 2011 Nillumbik Prize.  A flurry of emails ensued.  Nerina has kindly sent me these reproductions of the winning work with the following description…

“Long-Leaf Box” was painted especially for the Nillumbik Prize.  As you know, much of my recent work has a strong Japanese influence. I’m heavily inspired by the element of reverence and sensitivity which the Japanese artists portrayed in their antique paintings, screens, kimonos etc…Having lived in ‘leafy’ Nillumbik for most of my life, I am keen to adopt and translate a similar sense of respect for this stunning natural environment!

Nerina‘s paintings are a meditation of sorts.  It’s easy to pull up a chair in front of them and get completely lost in the layers of paint, wax, fabric and symbols.  Her love of the bush in this area is palpable in Long-Leaf Box…any wonder I love it!!


Long-Leaf Box  Nerina Lascelles©  (detail)