It seems fitting that the last post in the official Month in Montsalvat series should be the final pics of Dena Ashbolt’s stunning work, done during her recent Artist in Residence at Montsalvat. Dena began her residency shortly before I started the series and finished it the week it ended. As with previous posts I have photographed the three perspectives within the work in detail (see three photos below). I can’t tell you the delight I felt when I saw the completed work.  If you’ve missed the previous posts click on these links to see the work unfold. Post 1




The following photos show greater detail of the work above.




Dena is now busy preparing for her upcoming exhibition of drawings at “Fairfield Mill” in the Lake District of the United Kingdom.  The exhibition will be titled “Drawing Life”, a mixture of life drawings and cafe and railway scenes. I’ve had a tiny peek at some of the work.  It makes me wish I could join her at the opening later this year.

My sincere thanks to Dena for making these posts possible