The key aspect of this piece of work is beginning to emerge.  It’s scale is not obvious from the photo. It’s approximately two and a half meters long by about one to one and a half meters high.  You may remember that it’s the view from the window of Dena’s studio.  However all of this is not able to be viewed from the window at one time.  Dena has marked out three standing points on the floor by the window.  When she stands at each mark, a different part of the above view is framed out.  You might also remember that Dena is interested in image immersion… this piece is a great example of that.

The three details below approximate the three views. Each view has a horizontal window frame across the middle, with the window lock in the centre.




Shortly after I took these, Dena started working on the above section. You can see the shutters of the window emerging below.  





The window lock features in each section of the work.



The smaller work with the view of the pool wall.


Another blind contour of the view around the pool.


Dena attends a life drawing class at Montsalvat every Friday morning.  She’s working on a painting with this pose.




In addition to these works, Dena has been filming a video piece using the Montsalvat geese as the subject.  She had a lot of fun this week on that part of the project.  The groundsman, Sandro was her willing assistant.  She calls him her goose rangler.  Sandro got busy with a stick and bucket full of food to ‘encourage’ the geese to move about the Montsalvat grounds while Dena filmed them.  I wish I’d been there to see that…Dena obviously enjoyed the whole process enormously.  

Next Saturday is the last day of Dena’s residency. Tune in after that for the finale.