You may remember Montsalvat’s artist in residence Dena Ashbolt.  That’s her above, stepping into her studio space today. Unfortunately, last week she was unwell so there wasn’t a lot of progress on her piece, but today you can see that she’s been at work. The larger piece has expanded.



In the section of the drawing below you can see her use of spray paint to suggest the texture of the roof (top right). This textural effect has been repeated in other parts of large drawing.


She’s also done a smaller drawing of the lion on the swimming pool wall.  Once again, she’s used spray paint to suggest the texture of the wall.


The next two drawings are of the buildings above the pool.


The drawing below is a ‘blind contour’ drawing.  In using this method, the artist maintains their attention on the subject while drawing onto paper, without looking at the drawing at all. The subject is the same as for the conventional drawing above.


It’s such a privilege to see a work of art emerging in this way.  Dena has two more weeks of her residency, so I’ll be back a couple more times to see how the work develops.