Dunmoochin was alive with people and the paintings of Barbara Hauser on the weekend. Shane Pugh (Clifton Pugh’s son) and Barbara, celebrated the opening below.  The good news for Barbara and Dunmoochin is that she has been offered a residency there in April of next year.  So she’ll definitely be back amoungst us, painting the street girls of St Kilda.


 Kerry Cross and Shane Pugh’s partner Barbara.


Another ‘Darling of Dunmoochin’, Nerina Lascelles, Artist in Residence, added to the celebration.


On Sunday, Barbara fascilitated a workshop at Dunmoochin, demonstrating the use of her specialty German fabric paint. It’s elastic quality means that she can roll completed canvasses up for easy transportation around the world. They also have a wonderful, almost translucent quality. Her family in Germany make sure that she has access to it all around the world.


Barbara is so photogenic, I had so many great photos of her, so decided to bookend this post with two of them.


Barbara returns to Germany at the end of this month for the northern summer.  Bon Voyage!

Barbara’s website.