Yesterday saw the launch of Ev Hales eagerly anticipated, self published book “A Work in Progress”. As the name suggests, it illuminates the process and the genesis of Ev’s many years of painting. At an event organized by the the Eltham Bookshop, called New Voices, a large crowd gathered to cheer Ev on.  Irene Pagram, Arts and Culture Coordinator of the Nillumbik Shire Council, ably led the launch with a ‘walk through’ the book and some well placed questions for Ev. What was delightfully obvious was the dedication applied to the writing and the publication of this beautiful book.  Ev was understandably overcome with emotion by the enormity of her own achievement during the launch.  It is a great credit to her.  As her book demonstrates, she is a truly remarkable painter, writer and teacher. You can obtain a copy through Ev’s website or the Eltham Bookshop.  

I wasn’t surprised to learn that she has been unable to paint during the process of writing the book, so distracting was the task.  With a recent trip to Turkey for inspiration, I’m looking forward to seeing her get back to it.  Ev participates in the Nillumbik Open Studio Program which will take place again in November of this year. 



The arts community of the Nillumbik region is indeed fortunate to have Irene Pagram championing their cause.   


Meera Govil (above) from Eltham Bookshop coordinated proceedings at New Voices.

The New Voices event, was opened earlier in the day by the author Rodney Hall.  The words of Susan Sontag echoed throughout the day.  I think it’s true to say that Susan Sontag would approve of Ev’s wonderful new addition to the world of books.