(Photograph  of ‘Expanding Dimension’ on the balustrade of the Roystead Building- copyright Silvi Glattauer)

Remember Lloyd Godman, ecological artist. Sculptures incorporating living plants like the one above have been taking up his creative energy of late.

Just this week, he installed this work at Camberwell Grammar School.

“Next week the work will be installed in a more permanent manner suspended in the central arch on the second story above the main entrance and will live there for some time.  Working with Architect Peter Crone we are looking to install a permanent plant work into the new building for the school and the installation of Expanding Dimension is an experiment to prove how little maintainance these living plant works need.”  Lloyd Godman.

Besides being stunning to look at, his living plant works sit perfectly in a harsh urban environment.  


(Photograph copyright Silvi Glattauer)

Thank you to Silvi Glattauer for allowing the publication of these photos.

Lloyd Godman’s website is worth a look.