What a winning formula!  The Yarra Valley does it again! The Healesville Contemporary Art Space marries food and art to perfection.

I know I’ve gushed about the Healesville Contemporary Art Space before, but now there’s even more to gush about! Food, glorious food.  Unbeatable fresh salads, tarts and cakes arrive daily from the Mt Rael kitchen… all prepared under the watchful eye of owner and executive chef John Knoll.  

Now if I say I’d happily drive from Warrandyte to Healesville every day to enjoy the “Seared Tuna with Asian Coleslaw, with wasabi mayonnaise and crispy shallot”, you won’t be surprised. The only thing that stopped me having a slab of the “Honey and Almond Cake with glace fruits and figs, served with double cream” (of course) was the thought of retrieving my ‘swimmies’ from the back of the drawer in preparation for the summer.  



The temptation didn’t end there.  True to their invitation to  “tantalise your palette as well as your palate”, the Healesville Contemporary Art Space is currently exhibiting work of two contemporary artists who are 55 years apart in age.  Titled “In My Beginning Is My End”, the work is by 6 year old Harry S. and 61 year old Yarra Valley Open Studios artist Kerryl Shirley.  The question is asked of both artists, “Is this their most vibrant period?”

You’ll need to see the work for yourself to decide.  I recommend that while you’re making up your mind, you throw caution to the wind and try out that Honey and Almond cake with a generous dollop of double cream… Now I’ve written that, I wish I had!



Painting by Kerryl Shirley©


Drawings by Harry S©


Painting by Kerryl Shirley©

Healesville Contemporary Art Space can be found at: Basement 177-179  Maroondah Highway, Healesville.