I love the way things happen whereby I go out to see someone for one thing and find out a whole lot more than I bargained for.  HUT13 was like that.  I went there to check out the Marianne van Ooij wares available.  These fun bentwood cushions are hers…all the way from New York. In addition to that, it just so happens that HUT 13’s co-owner, Lucy Mora is Mirka Mora’s daughter- in- law. Dedicated Isiiad readers will know that Mirka is an all time favorite of mine. So within two minutes of stepping inside the shop, my lamps lit on the  latest Mirka offering of a limited edition jigsaw puzzle.  I’m told that there are other limited edition items on the drawing board.  I for one can’t wait.





The shop is full of handmade items that are funky, fun and quirky, like these fabric bracelets by Daniela Antill.


Handmade plates from Shanghai.




Placemats and bowls by Emma Davies.



Lucy and I agreed that Marianne van Ooij’s flatlamps are a winner so hope that someone takes up the idea and that they’ll be available down under in the foreseeable future.  In the meantime, pop into HUT 13 to see Lucy’s latest offerings. HUT 13, at 13 Morey Street, Armadale, is nearer the High Street end, past Market Import.