I’ve been a bit distracted this week by my presentation at the Red Chair Event.  This is an event which is scheduled on the first Wednesday of the month and takes place in The Barn at Montsalvat.  It’s organized by the Arts and Culture arm of the Nillumbik Shire.  Each month they invite an artist to talk about an aspect of their arts practice.  When I first agreed to do it, I thought it would be dead easy to fill the one hour of allotted time with some pics and info.  But when I started putting together the power point (first time ever… go me) and preparing what I would say, my nerves kicked in with a vengeance.  What if my voice box failed me, or worse still, what if a giant ‘brain fart’ rendered me speechless, thoughtless and generally brainless? In my mind, the countless possibilities for failure, outweighed the possibility for success.

I always err on the side of preparation when I’m stressed.  On the night, the strategy worked well for me.  The minute I stood up in front of the eager smiling faces of family, friends, the local arts community and devoted Isiiad readers, my nerves evaporated. The power point effortlessly found its way onto the giant screen, there were no major brain malfunctions and the Nillumbik Artist’s Open Studios Program kindly managed to hang a wonderful exhibition of their work for me to refer to.

I have to admit, in the end, I had the best time. Now that I’ve mastered the gentle art of the power point, there’ll be no stopping me. My only regret is that I was too distracted on the night to get any pics for you, but then I never was much good at multi tasking.