I need some new superlatives. A quick check of my trusty Thesaurus and I found some new words for magnificent… sublime, splendid, splendorous, lustrous, glorious, superb.  All of them could apply to the concert yesterday at Montsalvat. Kavisha Mazzella was in such great voice. As she belted out the songs from her new CD Love and Sorrow, she filled the Barn with her velvet voice.  Standing room only.

Three encores were necessary to satisfy the crowd.


Violinist Matthew Arnold

I’ve mentioned La Voce Della Luna before. They also sang at Montsalvat yesterday.  It’s not the first time I’ve enjoyed this Italian Women’s Choir. I only have to hear them sing one song and I’m captivated.  Yesterday was no exception. They’re uplifting.  There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that they’re having the best time. Before one of the songs, Kavisha warned that there may be dancing…and there was.  There was also laughing and smiling and joi de vivre! It all made me glad to be alive.


To find out more about La Voce Della Luna, go to their website.  To hear some of their songs go to their myspace. But remember, to see them live is an experience not to be missed.




Kavisha’s website.


PS. I have to mention the lunch I had at The Meeting Pool before the concert. Eight of us enjoyed a wonderful meal consisting of delectable platters of salmon salad, mushroom croquettes, perfectly cooked tuna and rare roast beef followed by figs and layered chocolate gateaux…mmm scrumptious.

To say that I had a great Sunday afternoon is just not adequate.  The Thesaurus helped once again with… ample, abundant and considerable…but then I still thought the description was missing something. In the end, joyous seemed to hit the spot.