I so looked forward to this interview.  When I saw that Kavisha was launching her CD  ‘Love and Sorrow’ at Montsalvat, I was pretty excited. What fun sitting in her kitchen surrounded by her paintings and talking about her music.  That’s right, not only is she a singer, songwriter, choir leader, holder of an Order of Australia, she is also an accomplished painter.  In fact she started painting before singing took over her work life.  Her painting (above) was used for the cover of ‘Love and Sorrow’.

The CD itself is autobiographical, leading the listener through an emotional range of great depth. Kavisha says that the CD is about…

“…songs to accompany a depression and coming out of depression.  Opening up to new possibiities for the future.”

The saddest songs, ‘Gethsemane’ and ‘Magdelena’ were written during a time when Kavisha’s first husband ( a journalist) was in Jerusalem writing an essay about the wall. Kavisha was worried the whole time that he would return home in a body bag. During that time she sustained herself by expressing her concerns and responses via songs and poems.

Songs were written in various parts of the world. Add to this, production by Nano Stern from Santiago in Chile, and you understand why the CD has a rather exotic flavour.  

Local references also abound.  ‘Victoria Market’ is quirky and fun while ‘St Kilda Lullaby’ took me straight back to my home, street and community in St Kilda.  It ends with some recorded sound of the yachts and seagulls at St Kilda pier, which made me feel wistfully nostalgic about my life and times in St Kilda.

As with all CD’s it’s a collaboration of many musicians.  In that regard, special mention goes to Kiki Wilmot, Kavisha’s daughter, whose exquisite, delicate voice adds to the richness of the sound.  Like mother like daughter.


In answer to the question of why Kavisha chose to launch her CD at Montsalvat she said,

“Montsalvat is a touchstone for any creative person. Especially as the place itself was created out of nothing…It’s a living example of old world artists and therefore an inspiration for young artists.”  


There is an additional treat in store for concert goers on the 27th March. In addition to hearing Kavisha’s beautiful new songs, ‘La Voce Della Luna’ will be performing.  ‘La Voce Della Luna’ (Voice of the Moon) is an Italian Women’s Choir. They sing traditional Italian folk songs with such lively warmth and joy that you can imagine them cooking up a pasta storm without any trouble at all.  Fifteen years ago Kavisha was asked to lead this choir.  She was very hesitant, as she had never done anything like that before.  She agreed to work with them for eight  weeks.  Fifteen years later she is still their leader. They are one of the most well known choirs in Melbourne.  It is her work with community choirs such as ‘La Voce Della Luna’, that led to her being given an Order of Australia.  From little things, big things grow!

The concert will be held in the Barn at Montsalvat, on 27th March at 3pm.  Secure a ticket by contacting 9685 5111 or go to Montsalvat’s website for more details.