This is where it all begins…


Photograph by Kerry Cross

Best word to describe this work is elegant. Simple sculptural shapes made from simple materials with bucketloads of beauty. Kaya Storm’s love and reverence for the bush is evident everywhere in his work and within two minutes of striking up a conversation with him. But then there’s something more.  I’ve thought a lot about what the add-on is about and the best hypothesis I’ve come up with is spirit and soul.  Along with the elegance and beauty there’s a paring down to the spiritual essence of the bush and the broader environment.  A knowingness that transcends the ordinary. He speaks to this when he says,

“I draw inspiration from both living and creating my art in nature and what I see in it: bark, twisted trees, smooth stones, water.  There’s a stillness in nature, and also a movement and I feel that when I work.”


Photograph by Kerry Cross


The key to it is his creative process I think. Again, his own words demonstrate this.

” In a creative process I can find ways to express what can’t be expressed through words…I will sometimes have an idea of what I want to create and then as I’m sculpting something entirely different will emerge. I try not to get in the way of this process and instead of judging what’s coming, I strive to stay with it and see what evolves naturally.”


Photograph by Kerry Cross


Photograph by Kerry Cross


Photograph by Kerry Cross

It seems fitting that this should be the final blog in my current Nillumbik Artists Open Studio series. I took such pleasure in travelling out to Bend of Islands on Sunday to catch up with Kaya and take these pics.  You are by now well and truly aware of my passion for the bush and the river. The studio hosting his work fronts on to the Yarra and is of course surrounded by the bush.  We accessed it via a dirt track.  There was a bush fire roaring away with wine or cups of tea flowing on arrival.  There’s nothing like bush hospitality to warm the cockles of my heart.  Kaya’s work fits so perfectly in this environment, highlighting the beauty of the environment.  Rachel Lowe describes this very eloquently,

“Kaya Storm has developed his sculptural work among Nillumbik’s local artist community for nearly a decade- a true renaissance man in his local environment.”

Sadly for Nillumbik this is Kaya’s last Open Studio with them.  He and his partner Marcelle have relocated to Daylesford where they are integrating beautifully into their new arts community.  Much of the work shown here can now be seen at The Pantechnicon Gallery in Daylesford.


Kaya, with his Mother (below).


Photograph by Kerry Cross


The sculpture above is called simply, “Ned”.  It turns out that way back in his family, Kaya is related to Ned Kelly (bushranger extraordinaire). This is his tribute to him.


Photograph by Kerry Cross


Photograph by Kerry Cross


Photograph by Kerry Cross


Photograph by Kerry Cross

I’ve left the best till last… 


Kaya has a brand new website. Kaya’s life partner Marcelle Nessim is his manager. She can be contacted through his website. Here they are happily settled in their new home and community in Daylesford.


Photograph courtesy of Kaya and Marcelle