The French- English dictionary says the word deshabille means partly dressed, undressed or carelessly dressed. Partly dressed and undressed pretty much sums up the life drawing model Roxanne, at ACME et al on Saturday. She had more props and costumes than the Melbourne Theatre Company.  Over the period of the day, she had innumerable costume changes. One minute a dancer at the Moulin Rouge, the next, a bellydancer at an opium den in Bagdad.

The plan for the day was life drawing in the morning, followed by a mono printing workshop in the afternoon. Our leader was the lovely Margaret McLoughlin. She facilitated so beautifully, moving effortlessly around her ‘students’, offering a suggestion here and a word of encouragement there. The highlight for me was the introduction to the use of inks for life drawing. Maybe the preliminary guided shorter poses helped to ‘get my eye in’. I was channelling Toulouse Lautrec and loved the technique so much that I’ll be hotfooting it out to collect some ink and brushes so that I can experiment some more with that medium at home.

I discovered that monoprinting is a very simple form of print making.  When I say simple, I mean that the technique itself is simple.  Something you could easily do at home without a printing press and a whole lot of big, expensive equipment.  But like all simple things, mastering it clearly takes some time. I learnt enough about it to realise that the possibilities are endless.


ACME et al is doing great things in the Yarra Valley.  They are currently showing an exhibition of signed and numbered prints in their gallery. The work of Tess Edwards and Silvi Glattauer is featured. Their collection of books from The Avenue Bookstore in Albert Park is a constant temptation.  (I spotted Sibella Court’s latest book “Nomad”.) There are plans to expand their workshop offerings for 2012.  Keep an eye on their website and fb for the latest fun.

You will find ACME et al at, 17 Bell St., Yarra Glen.