Artists have been drawing naked bodies since they could make marks. Over the centuries, fascination with curves and body parts has often turned into breathtaking art.  All over the world, artists still make drawings of naked bodies today.  Life drawing sessions happen in an organized and an informal way.  All you need is a naked body, paper, charcoal and good light.  Last night I participated in a life drawing class at Dunmoochin.  Not, you understand, as the naked body, heaven forbid!

The whole experience was so so different to my life drawing class in New York.  For a start the trip there held all sorts of surprises. Dunmoochin is tucked away along a dirt track in the bush at Cottles Bridge, Victoria.  We dodged wombats and fought off kangaroos to get there.  Not really, only joking about the kangaroos, but you get the picture. Seven people sketched away for three hours with the model striking six poses in all.  It was all very convivial.  Everyone brings a bottle of wine and something to nibble.  Most people stayed on afterwards for a social chit chat. In the words of Woody Allen, it was ‘the best fun I’ve had without laughing’ for a long time.

Dunmoochin’s Artist in Residence program is booked for around twelve months to two years in advance.  Their studios will be open at the end of the month as a part of the Nillumbik Artists Open Studios program. For more information about Dunmoochin go to their website.