Morris Brown is directly across the road in Healesville (Maroondah Highway) from Clarence.  Two great shops in such close proximity is shoppers heaven, and lets face it, I do love to shop! Owners Louise Brown and Jenny O’Donnell (maiden name Morris) attribute the shops earthy feel to their joint love of gardening.  Louise tells me, “We love old rusty stuff and old wooden stuff.”

Before Louise and Jenny took over the store it had an ‘in your face’ purple carpet.  When they pulled it up they found tiles.  They removed the tiles as well and painted the cement floor base, unintentionally creating a wonderful patina on the floor where the paint didn’t adhere to the tile glue.  It makes for a great floor which enhances the look of their ‘old rusty and wooden stuff’ perfectly.

Their down to earth wares are sourced from all around the globe.  Ribbon from a Los Angeles flea market, glassware from France, soap from Italy and candles from the UK.





A second room houses interesting gardening books and outdoor wares.  There are unpredictable things leaning up against the wall and in unexpected places…all creating fossickers heaven.  There was a steady stream of customers while I was there with Christmas gifts and decorations disappearing out the door at a rapid rate.



For more information about the Morris Brown Healesville and Heathmont stores, go to their website.

PS.  Next stop- The Artists Lounge where I found The Lomandra Project and Wendy Jane Sheppard painting up a storm.