Last evening I travelled down to Mt Eliza for a preview of Nerina’s latest exhibition at Manyung Gallery.  Her work is very Zen, very beautiful and very much inspired by extensive travel in Asian countries, particularly Japan.  She uses a  variety of materials, including kimono and obi fabric, Japanese paper and gold leaf.  The works shimmer in a subtle and ethereal way. Fabric is glued onto the canvas with it’s motifs often repeated on paper and in paint.   All of this adds to the meditative quality of her work and thereby reflects her creative process and her strong connection to Zen Buddhism. 



Nerina is currently an Artist in Residence at Dunmoochin. Originally home to Clifton Pugh, Dunmoochin is tucked away in the hills of Cottles Bridge and currently host to a number of artists within it’s studios. It’s a delightful place to visit with murals and original buildings creating an echo of Clifton Pugh.  Nerina and others will open their studios to the public 30th April-1st May 2011.  Dunmoochin is at 105 Barreenong Road, Cottles Bridge



Take a peek at Nerina’s website for more info about her work.

Manyung Gallery is at 1408 Nepean Highway, Mt. Eliza.