Peter  Wegner Man Resting 2011  Oil on canvas 153x123cm (detail)

The Nillumbik Prize Exhibition opens at Montsalvat’s Barn tomorrow evening at 6pm.  I whipped in quickly today for a preview.  The work is of a very high standard. Man Resting 2011 sits centre stage.  (More about the Archibald Prize finalist, Peter Wegner later.) Other artists featured in previous blogs include, Dena Ashbolt (the work is from her recent residency at Montsalvat), the lovely Nerina Lascelles  Silvi Glattauer, Christine Wrest-Smith (one of those wonderful nests) and a personal favourite, Stephanie Mew.

There are many artists I haven’t come across before so will enjoy a bit of research to get to know them better. I’m holding my breath to hear the winner announced tomorrow evening.

The exhibition closes on 31st July, so plenty of time to get out to Montsalvat to see some of our finest local artist’s work in one place.

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