The art of Cresside Collette, Marieke Dench, Ann Ferguson and Greg Wood is showcased at the Manningham Gallery until March 3rd. in an exhibition titled “Real Nowhere Land”.  Each of the four Melbourne artists have explored the land through their chosen medium of either tapestry, printmaking, ceramics or painting.


The ceramic work of Ann Ferguson and the tapestries of Cresside Collette are featured here.  In the case of Ann Ferguson’s body of work, the artist herself has this to say, “This work is inspired by my experience of moving from a country town that was my home for 25 years, to an urban environment. Close human proximity and crowded living spaces are the dominant themes.”

Ann has some significant awards under her belt, notably, in 2009 she won the Ceramics Victoria 40th Anniversary Aquisitive Award. 


Cresside Collette was a foundation weaver at The Victorian Tapestry Workshop (now the Australian Tapestry Workshop) between 1976 and 1990, so she’s pretty adept at finding her way around a loom. In this body of work she looks back at her Sri Lankan heritage in wide woven landscapes.  The tapestries are an interpretation of her own artwork.  Check out her website for more information about her work.



The big news at the Manningham Gallery is that their new gallery space is due to open later this year. I’ll let you know the minute the new gallery is up and running. 

My thanks to curator Megan McEvoy for her assistance with this post.

Ceramics in this post are Ann Ferguson©.  Woven Tapestry is Cresside Collette©.