In the case of this Yarra Valley Open Studio artist, it’s all about the house.  As these photos will attest, Sioux Dollman has applied her background in sculpture to great effect in this owner builder masterpiece. She commissioned an eco friendly, local architect Alvyn Williams of Soft Loud House Architects, to design a light filled straw bale building with great ‘bones’. Then she’s gone to town with ferro cement render to make it all her own. Her major inspirations are  Friendensreich Hundertwasser and Antoni Gaudi both of whom have an organic basis to their aesthetic. The exterior and interior render features textures, niches, window seats and wonderful balustrades.








This bell will be finished with four scalloped panels of trim (below).



Exterior render adds to the dramatic effect.




The house is a work in progress. The plans for the bathroom and the exterior living space are spectacular. On meeting Sioux, I could see that she has created a home completely in keeping with her own aesthetic and her own dream. It just oozes her character, energy and love of life.

The studio was home for Sioux and her daughter during the six years of the building process.  So now that building is complete, she has reclaimed the studio for her painting and other projects.


Mosaics sit outside Sioux’s studio.  She is eager to concentrate her creative energy on painting in the immediate future.



Sioux’s work spans several different disciplines- sculpture, mosaic, and painting.  Her work life includes lots of interesting and diverse projects like the butterfly enclosure at the Melbourne Zoo and another where the brief was to make large ‘icecubes’ filled with fruit.  She loves community projects and has worked on several involving children and members of the aboriginal community. Talking to her about her home and other projects, I began to think that anything is possible.  I suspect that she shines her light brightly around all of those lucky enough to come in contact with her.

You can see more of Sioux’s work via her website.

The house and studio will be open to the public as part of the Yarra Valley Open Studio’s Program.  You will find her at, 4 Azalea Court, Warburton on 10th,11th, & 17th, 18th September.