Remember Marianne from the Open Studio program at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York?   She designed the gorgeous “Dressed for Dinner” dinner service.  She has just emailed me today to say that one of her other brilliant designs looks set to go back into production.   Its a slimline set of  book/magazine shelving. The brilliance is that the shelves are designed so that the cover of each book/magazine is on display.  So if you’re anything like me, those hundreds of magazines that you simply had to buy because the cover was so gorgeous, can have another life as a wall display. I can see these shelves in a funky living room or a study.

The production company, Stylefactory, would like to know if enough people like them before they go into production. So by registering your opinion on this link you will make production more likely.  The link also offers some pictures of the product, so you can see how clever it is. Stylefactory has the capacity to distribute globally so that they will hopefully be available in Australia.

Marianne will let me know if production goes ahead, so fingers crossed!