Here’s a little New York Christmas greeting to all of my faithful readers. I couldn’t think of a better way to say Merry Christmas than with this exhibition of Wreath Interpretations.

No surprises that New York is famous for it’s Christmas decorations.  New Yorkers are great fans of the fairy light. Deciduous trees provide the perfect framework for a Christmas fairy light display. Streets everywhere are lined with this Christmas reminder.  Wreaths are another perennial favourite. Many homes and shops add Christmas touches to windows and doors with variations on the wreath theme.

For over twenty years The Arsenal, at the edge of Central Park on Fifth Avenue, has hosted an exhibition of wreaths over the Christmas period.  This year, there’s a bit of everything. Traditional wreaths, weird and wacky wreaths and just plain unbelievable wreaths. In fact one of the wreaths was so unbelievable that I defiantly decided not to photograph it.  I regret that decision now…as that was the photo to get…cause who would believe it??? Unfortunately, due to this little blog photographers silly hissy fit, you will have to rely on my word picture to have any idea of what it looked like.   I’ll be brief.  A taxidermist’s 2 meter crocodile (I cant be absolutely sure that it was a crocodile because my little hissy fit extended to refusing to record the name of the artist or the “materials” it was made from) wound into a circle and tied together with two big red ribbons.

See… I said no one would believe it.  That’s New York Honey.


Here’s a selection of wreaths from the exhibition;


Randalls Island Sports Foundation.  Assorted flora.



Deborah Zingale.  Natural Goose quills, fabric, leaves, wood, resin.



Edward Gormley.  Plexiglass, plywood, umbrellas.


John Clarke.  Birch, crab apple branches, moss, stones mounted on roofing nails.


Abigail Malate.  Iauan plywood, inks.


John Saunders. 


Vilde Kleppe Braanaas.  Wire, paper mache, paint, squash seeds.


Larry Hagberg.  Steel.



Jennifer Cecere.  Rip stop nylon and acrylic.




                                                             MERRY CHRISTMAS!