Last year Gayle De Angelis’© piece was made from recycled ties…this year it’s gloves.

Three things stand out with the Yarra Valley Artists Open Studios Program. Its professionalism, its sense of community and most importantly, the work of its talented group of artists.  All of these things were in evidence last night at the Opening at Sticks Winery.  

Tim Peel ably managed the task of MC.  Looking like he’s been doing it all his life.  


Program ambassador Lindy Burns (774 ABC Melbourne) spoke with great passion about the program, the Yarra Valley, the artists and the enjoyment she has derived from her involvement.


Members of the community were there in force, enjoying each others’ company and celebrating each others work in a warm and convivial atmosphere. If you’ve been following Isiiad over the last couple of months the artist’s works need no introduction.   Suffice to say that you will be richly rewarded for a visit to the barrell room of Sticks Winery to see this exhibition, over the next week. Every participating artist is exhibiting one piece of work.


Sculpture Antonio Villella©

Antonio’s fruit wood sculptures are a perenial favourite of mine.  This latest work took me straight to some alien intelligence from Dr Who.  Let’s face it, I just can’t get enough of his work.

Alistair Whyte sported a great felt hat (complete with business card pocket at the back), made by his friend Anita Larkin.


Did I say three things stand out?  For wine lovers, I’ve definitely forgotten a fourth very important component. Sticks Winery senior wine maker Travis Bush spoke at the opening about the winery’s involvement in hosting the exhibition, suggesting that his ‘work of art’ was right there in everyone’s glass…  Expect to spend a little time in the tasting room at Sticks when you visit and leave some space in your car for at least a bottle or two to take home. On the way in check out Justin Purser’s door handles…as door handles go…they’re sensational!


For all the information about this program go to the Open Studios website.